Structured Cabling Services

IPSolutions offers a full range of structured cabling services for all of your voice and data needs.


  • UTP Cabling Categories 5e, 6 and 6A, Copper Solutions

  • Multimode and SingleMode Fiber Optic Systems

  • Coax Cabling

  • Horizontal Cabling Systems

  • Backbone Distribution Systems

  • Horizontal and Backbone Cabling Pathway Systems

  • Telecommunication and Equipment Rooms

  • Firestopping, Grounding and Bonding System

  • Quality Cabling Solutions


All components of the cabling system that IPSolutions installs, including the cable, modular 

connectors, and patch panels, are rated for Categories 6, 6A, and 5E performance. Installation 

of these components is performed in accordance with the recognized standard.


Types of structured cabling systems include Category 5e, Category 6 (Class E), augmented 

Category 6/Category 6A (Class E, A ) and Category 7/7A , R59, RG6, RG11, 734/735, 

multimode and single mode fiber.

Assessment & Planning

      Along with a detailed assessment and planning engagement, IPSolutions can plan and design a structured voice and data cabling system that will allow your business to cost-effectively plan, install, and manage the complex cable infrastructure required by the networks of today and the future.   


Cable Testing & Certification

IPSolutions also provides cable testing and certification services. Every cabling system is 

installed to meet 6, 6A, and 5E Category performance standards. These standards 

ensure proper function of your network and future availability.